Start the summer season with the latest Volvo Penta engine

Marine Recreational Engine

At the Sydney International Boat Show, Volvo Penta launched the new D13-1000 engine to a select audience including the team from Euromarine. As the latest Volvo Penta engine, the D13 can be combined with more traditional shafts or Volvo Penta’s IPS system for yachts up to 120-feet.

The Euromarine team got all the details directly from the Volvo Penta engineers and executives on the improvements to the engine’s cooling system, fuel filter systems and the rigorous Euro emissions standards it meets. It is a serious piece of equipment with some serious power and range. It is the perfect engine for those cruising long distances on the Australian coastline.

Its launch is well timed as many boat owners are preparing for the summer cruising season and considering their engine requirements. Euromarine is working on a few repowers as many are taking advantage on the current deal on Volvo Penta’s Next Generation Gasoline range.

“July and August are always busy with repowers as people are getting ready and excited for the summer ahead. There are some great deals on the Gasoline range and the new D13-1000 will also be popular,” stated Euromarine’s Operations Manager, Warren Litto.

For those who haven’t already seen it, it is worth watching the film on the new D13-1000 and once you have, contact the Euromarine team at or drop into the office at Gold Coast City Marina and Shipyard to discuss the best engine for your boat.


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