Top 5 things to consider when repowering

Repowering is often discussed in the same breath as whether to buy another boat.  There are pluses and minuses to both options but here are some things to consider if you choose to reinvigorate your existing boat with new engines.

1. Usage

Determine what your usage is likely to be.  You know how you have been using your boat up until this point but what is the future likely to be?  Will you cruise longer distances at more relaxed speeds or are you keeping closer to home wanting to maximise time at anchor?

Quiet, efficient engines

For the sailors amongst us and small displacement vessels, a low horse power, fuel economical engine with easy access for servicing on the go then consider the D1-13 hp to D2-75 HP compact diesel range, in saildrive or shaft drive.

For those cruising closer to home, you want power to give you speed and handling.  You don’t want to spend time managing the boat but just get onboard and have every gauge at your fingertips to make a day out as easy as possible. 

In the diesel range with either shaft, sterndrive and IPS consider the D3-140hp through to the mighty D13 1000 hp combined with a modern glass cockpit.

Marine Recreational Engine

Alternatively, the Volvo Penta gasoline stern drive range start with the V6-200 hp through to the V8-430 in singles or twins.

2. It is not all about speed

We often hear about top speed in relation to power boats and engine selection, but this is not the whole picture.  Consider what revolutions produce what speeds and resulting fuel consumption with your current engine configuration.  Then define what it is you want to achieve with new engines.  Sometimes it may be better to go with a smaller engine, drop your speed fractionally to achieve better fuel consumption and better performance from the boat and simultaneously increasing your range.

3. Consider your drive

Engine power is one thing and propulsion and manoeuvrability is another.  The options available to you will very much be determined by whether you own a sailing or power boat and how the vessel was constructed.

Euromarine is the leading authorised Volvo Penta dealer & experts in the latest IPS marine engines. Find them at Gold Coast City Marina.

Shaft drives are a great traditional option for larger vessels.  Sail drives will give yachts greater efficiency when under power.  Volvo Penta IPS, in twin, triple or quadruple configurations, offer exceptional handling for navigating marinas and tight anchorages plus improved fuel efficiency.  Whilst stern drives free up valuable onboard room for you to enjoy and, with a shallow draft, can reach otherwise inaccessible anchorages.

4. Connectivity

Modern engines seamlessly integrate with electronic cockpits, gauges, engine sensors, GPS, fish finders and much more.  By repowering your beloved boat with modern engines and a helm-to-propeller integrated system, you can have the boat you know and love, yet with a system which makes management easier. 

Control over your boat

The Volvo Penta Glass Cockpit system is also customised to your preferences and user friendly so even the most novice crew member could operate it. Whilst the glass cockpit supplies you information when onboard, the new Volvo Penta Easy Connect application offers control remotely through a smart device.

5. Cost Benefit

This is perhaps the most challenging to consider and calculate.  New engines can seem costly but when deciding what the best path for you to enjoy your boating, consider the longer-term costs.  Does the costs savings from a new fuel efficient, warranty-covered engine outweigh the initial investment?  How will new engines positively affect your resale value?  Will the costs for your current engine end up being as expensive as a new engine?  A lot of questions most of which will specific to your boat yet Volvo Penta has developed an extensive guide which will guide you through the options listed above.

To discuss your engine requirements, please feel free to contact the Marine Technicians at Euromarine by emailing them at or calling Ph: 07 5556 0604.

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