Volvo Penta: driving the future of marine propulsion

Volvo Penta has always been on the cutting edge of marine propulsion most remarkably with the revolutionary IPS and a commitment to low emission and fuel efficiently.  Not satisfied with leading the market, Volvo Penta made large announcements indicating the future of boating and marine mechanical innovation.

Volvo Penta already manufacturers engines to the leading Euro 6 standard so these announcements and their commitments go further into the realm of hybrid and all electric propulsion systems.  At Euromarine, we believe these future developments are not only just driven by European regulation yet also a market demand for engines whose impact on the environment is reduced.  After all, aren’t we all out boating because we love the sea?

Volvo Penta hybrid IPS

Yet what are the announcements and what does it mean?

The first announcement was Volvo Penta setting a date by which it would be able to offer land and sea clients full electric power solutions.  Diesel, gasoline and hybrid engines will still exist however, there will be full electric solutions available by 2021.  It is a measured approach which will see the engineers working hand in hand with boat builders and Tier 1 clients.

The second announcement was made merely weeks later and it was unveiling the hybrid IPS.  By placing an electric engine and clutch between the engine and the pod, Volvo Penta have allowed the boat operator to switch between combustion engine and electric motor propulsion.  This innovation allows vessels to operate with zero emissions, low vibration and noise in certain circumstances without compromising the maneuverability offered by the IPS system. 

Clearly, this product would appeal to those cruising in sensitive marine environments and the statement specifies the Norwegian Government’s requirement for zero emission in the country’s fjords.  You could see how this would be appealing when whale watching around Fraser Island or cruising the Great Barrier Reef.

It is clear the future will offer more options to the boat Owner.  Euromarine’s role is to gather an intimate understanding of these new technologies to better advise on the most appropriate propulsion system for your boat.  It is an exciting future and we are looking forward to it.