Top five tips for managing your boat through winter

The weather is starting to cool and inevitably, the boat may not get the use in the coming months as it did over summer.  Yet next spring, you will want to hit the water as soon as possible and to do so, you may need to pay some attention to your engine over the cooler months.

Here are our tips.

1. Run the engine

Even if you aren’t going out to catch some winter whiting, head down to the boat every couple of weeks to run the engines and check the shore power.  Letting the batteries run dry will cause heartache when you do eventually go out on the boat.  And by running the engines, you can catch any issues before they spiral out of control.

Run your engine

If you can’t get down to your boat, then contact the team at Euromarine as we offer our clients a winter boat check concierge service.

2. Check for leaks

If you are heading down to the boat to run the engine then keep an eye out for leaks.  However small they may seem, over time they can drain the engine of oil and other lubricants which can be catastrophic when you start the engines again in summer.

We have a range of absorbent mats which can easily be placed under the hot spots to make diagnosing leaks a quick visual.  Contact Keenan in parts to get more details.

3. Salt build up

If you notice any salt build up on your engine or in your engine room then it is best to contact us immediately as corrosion damage may have already occurred.  To prevent any salt build up then Volvo Penta manufacture a spray-on Corrosion Shield to protect your engine from salt spray build up.

Preparing your boat for summer

Again, contact Keenan in our parts department or shop online 24/7 for genuine Volvo Penta Parts.

4. Antifoul

An annual antifoul of your boat is very important to maintain fuel efficiency and when out of the water, it is easy to inspect the hull for any evidence of galvanic corrosion not to mention your drive mechanism.  Winter is a perfect time in South East Queensland to do this as we have wonderful dry yet temperate weather.

If you don’t already have a preferred antifoul provider, then contact Warren in operations at Euromarine for advice and schedule your annual engine service at the same time.

5. An annual engine service

Clearly the best way to ensure a great summer season of boating is to complete a comprehensive engine service.  Winter is the best time for the Euromarine service team as many boat owners take this time to give the boat some love so it is best to get in quick.

Maintain your Volvo Penta engine for superior performance

Contact Warren to schedule your annual service and maintenance.

From everyone at Euromarine, happy cruising.